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The value of a company like Those Meddling Kids is the sum of our experience. We offer expertise in each of the following areas:


Digital media is a new industry, which means that it poses special problems for management. We have management experience in several digital-media networks including MSN, Network Seven, Telstra, and Vizzavi Europe.

In each of these roles, we have taken responsibility for delivering product lines to market,on budget and on time. Our effectiveness in undertaking this role has been aided by our grass roots experience in business, web development, content management, and our media background.

Media Strategy

In a fast changing industry, it is vital to pick the correct strategy. Usually in Digital-media this means creating the right content to attract the correct audience segment, to reach a defined business goal. The audience always subscribes to the best content, which can only be built on the basis of a lucid strategy.

An example of a successful media strategy would be our work with Vizzavi Europe, where we set a successful wireless media strategy for Vodafone and Vivendi. This strategy had to cater to audiences in 14 countries, the limitations of WAP, building the correct publishing environment, finding revenue through m-commerce alliances and so on.

Usability Architects

Since the late 1980’s, we have studied the experience and expectations of an audience while they explore a digital media site. From their ability to use the site, to how they will feel about the brand of the site when they leave it.

An example of these usability skills in action can be seen in the ‘WAP auto-login’ feature we ceated for Vizzavi. It was used to automatically recognise a customer via their phone so they didn’t have to go through the clumsy process needed to login to a WAP site. This unique feature gave Vizzavi a measurable advantage over its competitors. Vizzavi's PIM products were much easier to use than other companies, and users were usually logged-in which meant we could track them. In fact Vizzavi had 75% of its users’ sessions logged in at any one time.

Digital Media Design

We have been working as a designer in digital-media since the early 90’s. This has given us considerable experience, not only in design, but in all aspects of production and content management.

This includes not only graphics, but also in HTML, CSS, Lingo and JavaScript, which are the essential elements of digital design.

Working on major brands like DuPont or the ALP has given us an insight into what makes a major brand really effective in the marketplace.

We have also researched how a brand actually works in a digital environment. For example, we have been instrumental in setting the on-line identity for Vizzavi Europe, MSN Australia, Seven Online and Telstra, each of which had a unique and jealously guarded brand profile.

Information Technology

We have been in charge of a number of information technology projects over the last seven years. We managed each of these to the satisfaction of the organization that contracted us, and usually exceeded the key performance indicators.

Understanding technological posssibilites is an important skill because interconnecting technology is now the bedrock of all media.

One example is the publishing system we built for Network Seven. We determined Seven needed a set of publishing tools that would enable producers to publish pages by themselves, without involving a coder or designer. The producers also needed to be able create content once, and have it published to several different media at once. Once built, the Publishing System increased productivity by twenty times, measured by pages produced. Many of the features of this publishing system were unique at the time, and the project attracted interest from companies such as Macromedia and Allaire.